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    David M. Hyde, owner of, was educated at UCLA extension, and is a multi-optioned award-winning screenwriter across multiple genres including drama, comedy, and suspense.  His projects include The Sound of Everything, and the novel adaptation of John Gardner’s The Dancing Dodo. He is currently co-writing a 9/11 docu-drama for Carolyn Mack Productions and is a staff writer for limited series at the Al Turner Company.
    • Writer/Producer A Few Good Miles - Animated Sitcom

      G. Michael Nicolosi
      David walked me through the very long and arduous process of turning a single storyline into two well developed standalone scripts. His input and endless patience took my original script to a much more interesting place. These two scripts have earned numerous award nominations and wins. David is one of the best writers I’ve come across. His understanding of character arcs and pacing is unmatched. And he has a very crisp grasp of comedic timing. The guy is flat out funny. David is the real deal.
    • Producer, Actress, Writer, & Speaker

      Shannen Fields
      David M. Hyde will take you on an incredible journey with his screenwriting talent. His award winning stories leap off the pages and grab a hold of the reader. This will leave you wanting more. David also professionally consults and inspires those wanting to walk in his footsteps. His passion and talent for writing on faith-based scripts comes to life on each page.
    • Actor/Director/Producer/Speaker​

      Cameron Arnett​
      Every once in a while you read something that either makes you stop and have to seriously ponder each word, or dive headlong down a path of streaming thoughts that escalate your every breath. Such is the work of David Hyde. He leaves you only wanting to read whatever may be next.
    • Founder/Owner/Agent Treasure Coast Talent LLC

      Jean Selig Wenger
      Recently I had the pleasure of reading one of David Hyde's original scripts. I was immediately drawn to his well developed storyline and the relatable characters. David takes the reader on an emotional journey, guiding us throughout the story with great pacing and flow, while adding in some surprising twists and turns to keep the reader's attention. I look forward to seeing his scripts come to life on the big screen!

    • Al Turner
      Mr. Hyde is one of the few people in the industry that holds creativity and professionalism in equal measure. Communicative and on time, he is a team player while understanding the ebb and flow of the entertainment sector. A lot of our success comes from exceptional talent such as his.


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